My husband and I need help dealing with my 11 year old stepdaughter's disrespectful attitude towards us. I have been in her life for 6 years and this is an area that has been an issue the entire time. She is with us 3 days a week. She is with her biological mom the rest of the time. She is an only child, has a self-centered, entitled attitude and has unlimited access to screens, candy etc at her mom's house. When she is with us, it's challenging to do anything with her because of her constant complaining, arguing over things she's told to do and frequently talking back in a nasty tone. She gets sent to her room when she's being really disrespectful. My husband has told me to ignore a lot of the behavior, but I don't agree with that approach. It's incredibly frustrating when almost anything that is said to her is met with attitude and argument. What do you suggest we do?

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