4 year old terrorist wearing out her family


Our 4 year old daughter has become a complete terrorist. She has always been difficult and challenging but it’s only getting worse by the day. We have always been strict parents and have maintained a consistent routine and bedtime schedule her whole life. Her brother is a very well behaved, kind and compliant kid and she couldn’t be more opposite. It seems as though absolutely no form of discipline makes an impact on her behavior, we’ve tried spanking which seems to only escalate her anger and turns into screaming, kicking, spitting, throwing things etc. in which more spankings does not bring those behaviors to an end. We’ve tried time outs, taking away her things, taking away desserts or taking away activities or fun events. She thoroughly enjoys chores and working so that’s not at all an effective discipline. If she makes a mess during her fit then we make her clean it. Nothing seems to be making any impact on preventing the behavior from happening again. She continues to be intentionally defiant with her actions and her words. We’re at a complete loss and emotionally and physically drained. Any advice? And what is a normal amount of time for disciplines to take before you see noticeable improvement in behavior?

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