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I am homeschooling my Grandson, who is in first grade. He is a bright child, but not motivated for school. He has struggled with handwriting and anything which requires manual dexterity, or fine motor skills. I have had him in occupational therapy to help with this. From birth he has always shown a preference to his left hand. Given his Mom was forced in kindergarten to be right handed unknown to me, I have allowed him to develop which felt normal to him. His Mom, in first grade was tested by Dr. Lucia Karins, diagnosed as dyslexic with an auditory processing disorder and struggled with school. His father, I don’t know much about other than he was an athlete and “pushed” thru school and struggled. I believe repeated a couple of grades. At the baby shower, it was difficult to hear him struggle trying to read the cards.
Regardless, here we are. I make NO excuses for my Grandson, but I think I am identifying multiple issues which may be hindering his success. He is able to do all assignments, but I have to personalize most lessons and whether it’s dyslexia or simple reversal, I see signs that concern me. With Covid, public school is not an option for him. I am using Bob Jones university curriculum and it fits nicely.
Whether it’s lack of interest in learning, struggling, or some ADHD, school is becoming a battle...which I do not want it to be. Unless things change drastically and he can go to private school locally next year, he will continue with homeschool. I can not see any teacher with 12 to 20 kids to instruct, being able to keep him moving forward. He reminds me of the class clown who hides his inabilities with his behavior which leads to falling further behind. He. CAN, but lacks any interest to be self motivated. He can and will do, if I am right over him in the home classroom, which is a completely different setting than the rest of his life. Can you offer me anything that I can read, or a professional in your group which can help me navigate this situation? He is succeeding, but it shouldn’t be this difficult.

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