Unwell Mom Struggles with Screen Time Abuse


I am really unwell at the moment and my son is being kept home from school, I also have a 1 year old. I am trying to look after both while I get through this illness. Discipline has slided and I’ve allowed far too much screen time to help me cope, although screen time is a very quick fix that is harder in the long run. My son wakes me up asking to play on my phone and follows me around all day asking for screen time. It’s making me angry and about, which makes me feel awful. I always apologise but I still feel like both of our behaviours are not acceptable. I know covid and being at home without friends and a present mum is tough for him and I feel awful for him but the over use of screen time needs to change. Do you have Any tips please on how to get back out of this and how to cope as a single parent when sick too for further reference?

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