Talking to Kids About Dyslexia


My son has a moderate case of dyslexia, and he is 10. Our daughter, who is 7, has a mild case of dyslexia. Our son, of course, knows he is dyslexic, however, we have not told our daughter she is dyslexic, because it's mild and I don't want her to get a complex about it, like our son has with his dyslexia. When I say complex I mean like thinking your dumb, or inadequate.

Our son has expressed numerous times that he hopes he's not the only dyslexic in our family. I am dyslexic and have told him this many times and discussed it with him. However, he is referring to his siblings. That he hopes he is not the only sibling to have dyslexia.

I'm torn between protecting my daughters image of herself, and not telling her. Or, letting our daughter know she's dyslexic, and in doing so, our son will learn he is not the only sibling who has it.

What should my husband and I do?

Also, if we do tell our daughter, what's your advice as to how we are to discuss it with her?

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