"The child who is disciplined as well as he or she is loved is a happy, healthy child. "

Curbing Unhealthy Snack Attacks


My son is an 8 years old only child. He wasn't a chubby baby, but he's becoming a chubby boy. He's getting a belly and love handles. He is 4'7" and weighs in at 95lbs.
His food choices are high carb. But so are his dad's. I've tried to fight it and it's a battle I can't win.
His cousin is 6 yo and slender. He has been with us every day during the "stay home" order. (Normally I have nothing to compare to.) His cousin will stop eating when he is full. His cousin does snack but not much. My son is a snacker...a grazer. My guess is that you will tell me, as his mom....to put a stop to the snacking and to offer healthier choices. I will shoot for that. However, I was a chubby kid. I don't want to see him get teased for being fat. I know what it feels like.
When he tells me he is hungry, I sometimes ask him...are you sure? Are you bored or is your tummy really hungry?
Is there anything else I can say to him without pointing out the "fat" or "chubby" characteristic? I have been really careful not to talk about peoples physical characteristics around him. We are so much more than what we look like on the outside. But, as someone who has struggled with weight most of my life, the last thing I want to do is to give him a reason to be hard on himself or ashamed or God forbid.... begin a life of eating disorders.
Maybe the best thing is not to say anything? Just put a stop to too much snacking.
Thanks for any advice!

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