Little Victories


Not a question; more of a comment of thanks.

I started the Ticket Method (at home for both home and school behaviors) a week ago and today my son's teacher (1st grade) sent me an email stating it was his best day all week.

My son is realizing he won't be able to get away with his behaviors. I'm learning how easily I was giving in and letting up on consequences which enabled him further. His teacher is learning that ignoring instead of nitpicking when he's blurting his frustration and bringing it up later calmly is a much more beneficial technique.

He's been happier, more helpful, and less of a negotiator with his consequences from me. We're not there yet, and I assume there will be bumps in the road, but I just wanted to say thanks for the help, thanks to Dr. Rosemond for writing his invaluable books, and thanks to the coaches for the answers to questions I've sent.

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