When Normal Becomes a Disorder


My son is six years old, and he started kindergarten this year. Somewhere around week three or four, I got a call from his teacher stating that he has "impulsivity issues". I did a quick google search, and ADHD and behavioral problems popped up. My son has a problem keeping his hands and feet to himself, and he talks more than he should. They started a behavior modification where he could get a certain number of Legos in one day that allowed him to have a few minutes of Lego play at the end of the day. I reinforced it at home by taking away privileges if he didn't get Legos. I found out the teacher had stopped the behavior modification without informing me (they stopped it after maybe two weeks because they said it wasn't working). Therefore, I had been taking away privileges for no reason. My son was confused and frustrated, and I could tell a change in his demeanor. They then decided to try another behavior modification by breaking down the day into sections where he could get a smiley face colored in on a chart if he kept his feet and hands to himself. We are on week two, and the most he's gotten each day is 2 out of 10. I'm just at a loss for what to do to help my child successfully transition into kindergarten. He excels socially, and I feel he's on point academically. I just don't know what to do with the behavior issues. At home, he loses privileges and he has very little screen time. With all that's taken place at school, I feel he's been singled out and labeled (by the teacher and the other children). What can I do?

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