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Our 5 yo son is very well-behaved at school (he just started kindergarten 6 weeks ago) but his behavior has worsened by extremes at home. Especially at bedtime, if I don't snuggle him in his bed or if he isn't ready for bed (pretty much the drop of a hat), he screams at me, calls me names, tells me I'm mean, throws things at me, etc. etc. I have tried time-outs, tickets, ignoring him, everything.The problem is also complicated because I feel like I have no control over the situation as I can't make him stay in his room (I have physically tried many times) or physically make him stay or go anywhere. He shares a room with his 2 yo brother who's bedtime routine is obviously affected. Frustratingly, on the 3 nights a week I work the boys go to bed easily for my husband (no snuggling required!) who also suggests our son is just sensitive and needs to talk things out. I personally find it hard to talk to him when he is screaming at me! I have implemented tickets in the past, the only downfall I found with that system is that if our son was put into his room early, he inevitably falls asleep super early, wakes up in the middle of the night, and refuses to go back to bed without waking up the entire household. Not to mention the power struggle in just getting him to go to/stay in his room! I am so frustrated at being controlled by my 5 yo, please help!!!

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