The High School Experiment


I feel like I ask the same questions all the time.

My 12th grader is stressing me out, he is barely making his grades in school coming in at B, C, D's and E's.

He's a good kid but I suspect he has started using marijuana and when I caught him with it he said a friend gave it to him to hold. He took my car out overnight and I kicked him out of the house because he refused to hand his phone to me after the incident and he left and slept with a friend. I spoke to the school guidance counselor and he came home the next day.

He's disrespectful to his teachers, hasn't completed his essays for college (wants to go to community college so he's not even trying) and say I don't know what he's going through.

Can I get on the phone with someone today because I feel like I lost my son, I feel he's a good kid but lies way too much. We were going to give him the old beater we had, now I'm reconsidering. I'm having a headache as I type this.

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