Poor sport


My 8 yo old son is a poor sport. His dad loves sports and couldn't wait until our son was old enough to play on teams. He just got kicked off of his soccer team because of his rudeness to other players and to adults. He doesn't seem to care (personally, I think that he isn't as sports minded as his dad and doesn't want to play).
His teachers report that he is a bad sport if he can't be first to do whatever the class is doing, and if someone makes a mistake, he makes fun of them. We've punished by taking away favorite activities, favorite toys and there is no TV except some sports shows that dad watches on the weekend.
We put him in karate and he was asked to leave that, too. Any ideas to shape this young man up before he becomes the most unliked kid around? I know that many kids and adults do not like him because of his behavior.

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