5 and 7 forget their manners away from home


We have mostly well behaved kids, ages 5 and 7, who have a lot of energy. We place a strong emphasis on manners (being polite, saying please/thank you, greeting people, etc).
At home they're not too badly behaved, but the problem comes when we go outside the house where they seem to forget their manners (i.e-grocery shopping, eating out, doctor visits, etc). They become almost like animals at worst (ok, not that bad, it just seems like it). My last trip to a doctor appointment was the last straw. They would not listen to my commands, would touch everything without asking, talk while the doctor is talking even after being told to be quiet, etc. It was very embarrassing.
My wife refuses to take the kids anywhere by herself due to their behavior. She is very old school in her approach and does not allow much to get past her. However, this has become a problem for us. We've reminded the kids that we want to take them places, but their behavior doesn't allow it. We've also tried restrictions with mixed but not permanent results (ranging from spankings to restricting activities, etc) . We want them to be good citizens.
Any advice?

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