Teens and Spirituality


Dr. Rosemond: I have an eighteen year old daughter who has lived the last five years (approximately) with her mom and step-father and she is getting ready to graduate. On one level or another I have seen all of my kids go the way of the Prodigal Son in terms of their relationship with the Lord, and that burdens me. Also, I have tried over the past five to six years to maintain and develop a good relationship with my daughter, however I continually, though not always, have problems with her being disrespectful, snotty, not answer my occasional calls (though again there are some exceptions) and apparently still does not like me. I love my daughter, want to have a good relationship with her, be there for her, see her relationship with God get turned around, yet at other times I am tempted not make that effort because of the things I noted above that I face with her. I will continue to navigate this the best I can and trust God with her/it, but would like any additional counsel you have for a situation like this. Thank you.

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