2nd Grader Can't Keep Hands to Himself


My 2nd grade child struggles with keeping his hands to himself in school, a problem we've encountered for the past 2 years. We've actively collaborated with his teachers each year and introduced a daily report card based on John Rosemond's book recommendations but we've seen limited improvement. It seems that he has difficulty controlling his impulses and has trouble sitting still/paying attention. This year his teacher has been tracking his impulsive actions and in the first 1.5 hrs of school he touched other students 12 times, with an additional 17 incidents throughout the day. These actions include tapping friends, taking/swapping their water bottles, lightly kicking while passing, and touching them while they're focused on instruction. We've also observed similar behaviors from him towards his younger brother and items around the house. We're wondering if there's an alternative approach to address his behavior since the DRC hasn't produced significant changes over the past 2 years.

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