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My children (2 and 1) are very used to having their grandparents around all the time since we currently live together while we try to find a house. My parents are away for about 10 days and the kids are reacting to this change. They have suddenly started to test all the boundaries, doing things that they know are wrong and that I thought we had conquered, and my daughter (who is potty trained other than diapers when she sleeps) has started having accidents again. Some of the accidents I’m pretty sure are on purpose. The issues are everything from hurting her brother, throwing food out of the high chair, fussing at me, disobeying, to tearing books, and purposely peeing on the floor. I thought these issues were history and that we were past this. I thought the battle was conquered but somehow with this change it seems like they are both acting out. How can I help them learn to cope with change but also behave? I feel like I’m disciplining and cleaning up messes every time I turn around.

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