Does Chicken Little Make You a Little Chicken? A Four-Year Old's Tantrumizing


Constant power struggle with 4-year old.

Our 4 year old son’s behavior has done a complete 180 within the last couple of weeks only at home. Preschool and daycare is constantly telling us he’s a model student. At home, he is defiant and refuses to follow basic directions like getting dressed in the morning. We have implemented the ticket system targeting this single behavior. Trouble is two fold, when we take the ticket away, he still refuses to complete the task saying “no, you do it” and it turns into a battle of wills that we don’t know how to overcome.

Second issue is that when we take a ticket, he gets angry and has resorted to punching and kicking us. We have let him know that this is unacceptable and results in an automatic loss of all 5 tickets and then confinement to his room. But, he continues to punch and kick throughout his confinement period. How do we handle consequences for this behavior when he’s already reached the “max sentence”?

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