Should Parents Start Naked & $75 Before or After they Move?


My son, who is 20 months old has stomach issues with constipation. On average he is constipated about
two times a month at least. We are starting potty training this weekend, and we are worried about his constipation situation. He has a very healthy diet, my husband and I make sure he eats a lot of fiber throughout the day. He
drinks water constantly throughout the day as well. When he is constipated our pediatrician has recommended to us to give him Miralax (one time up to 8 weeks straight). Every single time when he goes number two he stands and straightens his legs and pushes. When we try to help him sit down to do his business, he cries and scrambles to stand up again. We are worried that he won't sit on the toilet. We have started the steps for the beginning parts of the "Naked and $75" by using the restroom in front of him, and already bought the portable potty and have had him sit on it already with his clothes on, which now he does when we use the restroom with him. Do you have any recommendations?
Another thing, my husband is in the military and we are being transferred in 2 months. Do you think there will be any complications or setbacks when we move, or do we need to wait until we move?
Thank you so much!

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