She needs to stop talking.


Hello. Our recently turned 5 year old daughter talks nonstop, if we let her. She is very extroverted and appears to verbalize every thought that comes into her mind.
Valid questions and curiosity are one thing, but how do we get her to consider her speech when she's just stating the obvious, or rambling on about something - speech we'd consider to be prattle. The constant talking can be very frustrating and draining on us

Another example would be her constant questions about what I or my husband are doing at that exact moment, when in most instances she would learn the answer by just waiting and watching for 10 seconds. We frequently are telling her to just be patient and watch and she'll find out.

She's a child that has a hard time doing her own thing and seeks attention from my husband and/or I whenever we are in the same room with her. I think her constant talking is one of her ways of seeking our attention. We do set aside about an hour's worth of time every day where she has to play on her own (which is also in a separate space away from her 4 year old sister). They also have more time set aside every day where they can play together away from us.

We don't want to totally shut her down, but would like to see her be able to control her constant chattiness. Thank you!

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