Conquering a Three-Year Old Quarantine Quagmire


my son is 3 yr and 3 month old,he was very careful and neat. recently he started to get very aggressive especially during the quarantine in the house. He has been staying home for a month now. He will do anything to hurt and does not care of the consequences. He has lots of energy and is getting hyper, yesterday he pumped the scooter into the glass cabinet, I told him though it will break, he said it is OK I do not care, until he broke it. He will do what he wants no matter how many times I repeat no. He started to break his toys after playing with them for few hours. I put him time out, he refuses and kicks and says bad word, and his voice started to bother the neighbor so I quit doing that. Although we do not fight or say bad words at home. He tends to watch aggressive things on you tube more than anything else. the end point is he likes to hurt and be aggressive and not listen.
When family calls to talk to him, he talks and say I do not like you until they say something he is interested in like candy toys, he will change his mind. also He started hitting me , his mother, he really hurts, sometimes he uses whatever tool he has in his hand to hit and hurt. How can I help him?

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