4 year old annoying big sister and more


HI there,
What do you suggest I do with a 4 year old boy who is constantly annoying his 7-year old sister by making lots of noise when she's practicing the piano (it's in the living room and a shared space), and sometimes disturbing her by repeatedly trying to have a conversation her with whilst she's doing her homework and piano practice? I reckon she just needs to be able to adapt in a shared space.

Furthermore, he annoys her by spitting at her during breakfast time, and putting his leg on her chair, and hanging his feet (with shoes on) near her face on other occasions such as in the car. It's of course sibling conflict but seems to warrant intervention? It just seems to get worse every time I intervene and the 7- year old's annoyance becomes heightened by the smallest annoyances by her brother. However what the 4-year old does is plain rude social behavior too. He is guilty of violating her personal space on a regular basis.

FYI we have him on tickets for fights with his sister, and not obeying instructions. Do you recommend I put him on tickets for anything that violates anyone's personal space?
What do you suggest about the piano practice too? (the 7 year old can't move the piano away).

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