Tantrumming 5 year old


My 5-year-old, who is an otherwise happy, well-behaved child, cries at the drop of a hat if she perceives something has gone wrong or may go wrong soon (especially if she can't find something). She will cry hysterically, quickly becoming out of control, making it impossible to convince her everything is ok, much less say anything at all. Other behaviors in these situations include: throwing herself on the floor, slamming doors, saying things like, "I'm so scared!" and other things that blow the situation out of proportion. These incidents occur out of the blue (usually at home), as many as three or four times a day and varying in intensity. I haven't been able to come up with a plan so I can "strike while the iron is cold". I am at a loss about how to handle these situations consistently and effectively. I could use some advice/guiding principles in coming up with a plan of action for myself next time this type of incident occurs.

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