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New shoes problems


One of our 9-year-old twins is very particular on how clothing items fit. I took her shoe shopping and she picked out two pairs of shoes: sneakers and church shoes (at the store I asked her to be sure they were comfortable and she walked around in them). That afternoon she wore the sneakers. The next day she said the church shoes were too big. I told her she would have to wear them anyway since she picked them out (I do not believe they were too big). I know I handled it wrong because it became a match of "no I won't" "yes you will". She did wear the shoes. The next day she said the sneakers were uncomfortable. My husband jumped to her defense (he did not want to hear her melt down again) and said he agreed that the padding in the bottom of the shoe COULD be uncomfortable. Well she had already worn them so I believe she should wear them because she picked them out and we had purchased them. How do we handle this? When I tell her she has to wear them, she says no and she doesn't care what punishment I give her. This is obviously very defiant.

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