1st Grade Son Prefers Silly Play


My 1st grade son who has always preferred oral "silly" play including making rasberry sounds, whistling, and staccato outbursts of word like but unintelligible syllables, and exaggerated laughter, has been making friends at school with those who prefer more "scatological" humor - which tickles his funnybone as one can imagine.  He's a very loving boy - enjoys to snuggle on the couch with us while reading a book or watching a movie.  Sometimes he takes this too far and will come up and give us a big hug - but then kiss our stomach, or when sitting next to us - turn and kiss our schoulder or chest.  He knows this is inappropriate and we have reprimanded him.  But lately, we've learned that he has kissed his best "scat" friend at school in the same way (he's told us this himself, as he's a very truthful boy).  He knows this is wrong, did it anyways, but truthfully tells us about it.  Am I overreacting to innocent child's play, or am I right to consider "banishment from the garden"?

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