5yo being a 5 yo


Our 5 year old son is extremely emotional, and has no governor on his emotions. We don't expect him to have control over his emotions at this age, but we also do not know what is age-appropriate, in terms of emotional outbursts.

How do we work to help him control his emotions? We know this is a skill to be learned and developed, but aren't sure how to teach it to a five year old.

Example: Today I dropped him at school (KG) and there was a new teacher. He ran out of the classroom screaming to me that he doesn't want a new teacher. He was quite out of control , as I held him, and told him that he is the oldest in the class, needs to set an example, and that no other kid is crying about this. I then brought him back to his classroom, he was still crying, his teacher took him from my arms, and I left. It wasn't easy!

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