A 9-yr old, 3D's and the PKR


We are having issues with our almost 9 year old son, the oldest of 3 boys. He is increasingly disrespectful, stirring up trouble with his brothers, being physically violent with us and his brothers at times, and almost always argumentative.
I feel a little bit like we have failed as parents. He has always been strong willed but this behavior is new over the past year. He was better behaved as a toddler.
He does have consequences for his behavior, but obviously they haven’t been uncomfortable enough for him to stop. We find it hard to find consequences that that don’t impact his brothers. Almost all the toys are shared, screen time is watched together and other activities are usually done as a group. They all 3 share a room.
He refuses to stay in his room as a consequence. We are stumped at how to get him to stay there or not generally make things more miserable for his brothers.
Can you help us find a solution of consequences that punish him but not both his brothers?

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