BeFuddled Father Facing Four Females



I know you don't know the history at all with my step-daughters.
However, we gave out Easter candy to our 3 daughters (2 step-daughter and one is my own). The 16 year old step-daughter ate a piece of candy and throws a candy wrapper towards me and proceeds to say, throw that away, which I did. Both step-daughters laugh at this action.

A few minutes later, 16 year old throws another wrapper and it lands on the floor, and proceeds to say the same thing, throw that away, and again both step-daughter laugh. The mother is sitting in the room and says nothing to the 16 year old. I didn't say anything either, but later asked their mom about the situation, and she says, the 16 year old was "just joking", and asks why I took it personally. The mother picked up the candy wrapper btw. SMH.

I'm curious to know what your opinion is of this scenario and how would you have handled this situation with me being a step-dad?

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