Ticket System questions


I have some questions regarding the ticket system for a 3.5 year old.
1. What if he loses all of his tickets at the end of the day? One time he lost his last ticket but it was right before dinner and swim lesson so… he basically only went to bed 30 minutes early.
2. What if there is something fun that we have to do? Today he lost his tickets, so I canceled a play date with a friend we see all the time. But I can’t cancel with out of town friends or working moms who have difficult scheduling, etc. So how long can I “roll over” the punishment?
3. My toddler lost his tickets today. I went up to help him poop and he was dragging it out. So I set a timer and told him that would be the end. And then he hit and bit me! (Very gently, but still not behavior he has done before). It was clear he just wanted to see what I would do. So I sat him down, explained it is my job to teach him and spanked him (it was very gentle). Was that a good move?

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