Exhausted and Longing for Peace


Discovering your books has put us on a new trajectory in our family after years of struggle with our "high misbehavior" 5 year old. For several months we've used the ticket system and "kicked him out of Eden" when necessary, with much success. He has progressed in small ways. However, he still desires control and lacks self-control. If we so much as look at him wrong, he begins screaming at us. He usually obeys us promptly, but not without a full outburst of screaming, flailing, and talking back. Should we ignore this so he learns it doesn't get him attention? Should we discipline him for it (we have been,
resulting in escalation)? We've also given him a "powder room" to get his anger out or the option of screaming into his pillow and coming out when he can be calm and kind. But he refuses to utilize those options. We're exhausted and walk on eggshells in our home. We're longing for peace.

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