Mom Needs Nighttime Nightmare To End!


I have a 5 yr old, 3 yr old and 1 yr old - all boys - who share a room. We have a 2 bedroom house so there is no other option - we have a parent room and a boy room. The 1 yr old used to share our room but he stopped nursing in the middle of the night so we transitioned him out of our room.

Lately the older boys have been SO LOUD at bedtime (they all fo to bed at the same time), the toddler in particular likes to scream and he is egged on by the older brother, that it keeps the baby awake or awakens him. If the baby then stands up in his crib, the other boys (toddler gets caught the most) push or shove the baby so he "lays back down" which explodes the situation.

Bedtime has become chaos with bed jumping and fighting and noise - help please

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