The Preschooler: in her Untamed Primal Glory--Part 2


Hi, I am submitting a follow-up response in regard to my question from 5/6/21 entitled "The Preschooler: in her Untamed Primal Glory". This was answered by Mike Smart.

Thank you for your response! We actually did end up pulling her from the preschool. Unfortunately, it is not an option for a parent to stay home with her full-time so we now have her in a smaller in-home care setting when we need care and we are hoping will be a better fit. She has only been there a few days, but there are signs of her beginning to act out and display some of the same behaviors - although not as dramatically (yet, and hopefully, she won't). We are working with the sitter on ways to redirect her and implement time-outs. It is interesting to us that she did act out in this setting when she always does fine in Sunday school and other playgroups - the difference seems to be in any situation where she knows Mom and Dad aren't close by she chooses to act out. When asked why she is doing this or what is wrong, she always says that she wants to go home.

My questions are - if she continues to act out for her new sitter - what types of correction methods would you recommend both for the sitter to use and what, if anything, should we do when she is back home with us in response to her misbehavior for the sitter? It is obviously very upsetting to us that this is happening, but would you recommend to just "stay the course" as much as possible - doing the right things, even if she does the wrong things, as you say, and have faith that she will outgrow this?

Also, when would you recommend trying again for a preschool/school type setting? We had planned for her to attend a summer camp this summer (less structured than the preschool and more camp-like activities). This camp would start in June and she will be 3 years and 9 months at that time.

Thank you for your help!

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