Door-slamming, Window-banging, Stuff-throwing: Is This What Little Boys are Made of?


I have a high misbehaver and he has been on the ticket system for many months with two target misbehaviors of disobedience and fighting with his brother. I need some advice of how to switch him over to charts or get him off the ticket system altogether. He loses all three tickets several times a week for disobeying us when we tell him to do something and goes to his room for the day but wont stay put. His room is located off the living room and back porch where my husband is working from home. There is a lot of commotion and traffic and the child yells and carries on, slams door repeatedly, throws stuff, bangs windows etc. when he is in the room. If he won't stay there he will forfeit sweets after meals, sometimes a spank, and lose out on other fun activities that he enjoys but all to no avail. We just can't can't get anywhere and I am stuck knowing whether to abandon the ticket system for something else or to change the misbehaviors even though we haven't seen any real improvements. We don't do electronics so I can't remove that as a privledge. How long should I stay with these tickets before trying another strategy and would charts possibly be better?

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