Creating Space


Hello. I have 5 children (8, 6.5, 5, 3 & 3). We have the 8 yr old in her own room, but the 6.5yr and 5 yr olds share one room and the twin 3 yr olds share another room. What type of advice do you have for the ticket or strike system or any system that involves "going to your room the rest of the day" or for longer periods of time ("out of the garden"). We have tried varying methods and inevitably the room sharer that isn't being punished obviously needs to go somewhere else. Or worse, both (or more!) kids need time in their room and there isn't enough space in the house to allow for all of that isolation. Or the isolation is constantly "interrupted" by another child (or myself) needing to walk through that space. Any tricks up your sleeves?

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