Young Teenage Boy Has Problem To Solve


Finally: school and studies. Being in junior high now we are trying to encourage better study habits for our son. He has always found school easy and not brought work home to review while still getting high marks in class. I feel certain this will not continue through high school and post secondary but we also both know from personal experience that if study habits are not established soon he will struggle. I feel I can hear your answer even as I type....he will have to learn the hard way? Fail? Struggle? I think it our obligation to teach him study skills? I have bought him an agenda - he does not use. I have left it up to him to find HIS way to organize himself but it does not seem to be happening. He is missing Sat night youth group because I no longer remind him about it. I suppose if he really wants something he will figure it out? Is that right? Let him figure it out?

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