Life After College is Too Comfortable- Time to Adult


My stepson in 23 and a recent college graduate with a communication degree. His father and I have been married 2 years. His parents are concerned about his seemingly lack of motivation to get a full time job. My husband and I are paying his car insurance but that will end in 1 month and is on our health insurance plan. We don't financially support him otherwise. I don't know exactly what his mother provides but I believe it is minimal. He currently has a part time job that is not in his major. I did not know him as a child but there is concern there may be a mild form of autism. I don't believe he was formally evaluated for this. He had sensory issues as a kid and now as an adult seems overly concerned about his appearance and focused on his health (gets stressed about aches or pains). He is a glass half empty person. While in college he made pretty good grades, pledged a fraternity, lived in an apartment where he paid bills and prepared meals. He spends a higher than average amount of time on his cell phone.
We are all concerned because he doesn't seem to have a plan for his immediate future. His savings will run out soon. We don't want him to move home. Not because he is a bad kid but because he is a man and it is time.
Is there anything we can do to help this situation? There is some fear in the back of the parents' minds that he could become suicidal-not because he has actually threatened it but because he is not an optimistic person and seems to have a hard time fitting in and finding his "people".
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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