Rebellious 17 YO Daughter


my 17 year old daughter continues to lie to us. At age 15 she snuck out and bought a cell phone and lies have continued since then. She has stolen money from me. She just totaled the car we let her use. She continuously breaks her curfew and we continue to give consequences, like no car for a month. She continues to bring unapproved phones into my home even though I told her if she did then the phone is mine. We have bought her a phone but it has restrictions on it that she doesn't like but she doesn't give us a chance to rebuild trust with her before she does something foolish again. Its all about fun with her. Narcissistic personality. She has a wonderful job at chick-fil-a. but found a boyfriend there that we don't like. She has always been homeschooled but is in her second year at a private christian school, she is a young senior because she skipped a grade. She is making good grades. She says she has to lie in order to have any fun and be with friends. But when we have let her go out somehow she gets into trouble or isn't responsible. We are a military family with 7 children and have lived in Florida for two years now. She has 6 siblings watching her rebel and what her father and I are doing about it. I fear that they will follow if we don't find a way to reach her. My husband, a Lt. Col. in the Air Force, vacillates between permissive and authoritarian. SHe can manipulate him at times. All this is breaking his heart. Please help!

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