Nip Out-of-Control Behavior in the Bud


How do I apply John Rosemond's recommendations with three completely out-of-control boys (ages 5, 7, 9)? They don't follow any of the rules, regard all property in the house as their own (tools, money, older sister's things, etc), ignore me when I talk, argue, act wild, go in places they're not supposed to like husband's office, etc. They do plenty of chores, 30-45 minutes spread throughout the day for the older two and 15 mins for the younger, but it's about a full-time job getting them to actually finish the chores. I've read a couple of the books and tried to implement but get bogged down with so many problems behaviors and multiple children. I have 3 other children too, ages newborn, 2, and 12 and there is not enough of me to go around. Also the boys share a bedroom and if they all need to spend the day in their room, I don't know where to put the 2nd & 3rd kid. I can't put them in another bedroom as the others are in the basement where I can't watch them and they sneak out or go in and out. I run into the same problem if more than one needs to go to bed early--they just play if they're in there together (normally we do staggered bedtimes to avoid this).

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