Overboard in the Offseason? Dad, Sports, and a 13-year Old


Husband takes our 13 yr old to a sport practice 3x/wk, conditioning 1x/wk, and a trainer 1x/wk which leaves one night/wk for a non-sport activity and one weekend day open. This sport is in its off season. Son does not like the sport that much - he is not asking to go to all the practices. Monthly cost is the same whether they go to one or 3 practices a week. Conditioning/trainer is a different vendor. Son tries to get out of a practice once in awhile. Son might have a headache, is tired, is sore, etc. Husband just thinks son is making excuses and does not cut him any slack. Husband will say anything from "you want to get better don't you?" to "don't be quitter/Don't quit on yourself" or "we've already paid for it we might as well go" Son would choose to do nothing if given the choice so I can appreciate him being involved in something but there needs to be some sort of happy medium and right now the scale in tilted in the wrong direction. Is there any way to find a balance?

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