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Our 5-year-old daughter has come a long way with her behavior in the last year, but the top two biggest issues still are 1) her never ending pestering and annoying. She pesters and annoys those around her every waking minute. You don’t want to be near her or engage her in anything because she will simply proceed to annoy you to death in every conceivable way. We probably say the words “stop pestering” 100 times a day or more. 30 min time outs seem to have no effect.
2) She also loves to say no or never when told to do or not to do something even if she does it, she makes the point to *say* she’s not going to do it. And then other times she says no and doesn’t do it either or “I don’t want to”.
There a several other things but these are primarily the biggest issues that make us lose our minds on the regular. What would be the recommended approach for this, the ticket system? And if so how should we go about it?

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