Adopted Daughters Crave Adult Attention


Daughters want too much attention from adults, and are too touchy with them.

We have two adopted daughters, ages five and six. Both seem to want an unnatural amount of attention from adults. When they are around both adults and kids, they gravitate towards wanting attention from the adults. We can be out with a playgroup, and instead of wanting to be around the other kids a lot of the time, they gravitate towards me and the other moms. Our girls will initiate and hold the adult’s hand, talk to them a lot, and even hug them, without knowing these women. When at a grocery store, they are always very eager to try and talk to adults (male or female) if an adult looks their way, or makes eye contact with them. Another instance would be when we have adult relatives over at our house. The girls are very huggy and touchy-feely with them, and are always seeking to get attention from them. We have three questions.

1 - How do we get them to spend more time with children and less time hanging around the adults when with a mixed group?

2 - How do we get them to back off, even when it’s relatives they know, and not be so huggy and touchy, and not try to get so much attention from them?

3 - How do we get the kids to know their position or place amongst adults?

Thank you!

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