Time to Drop Back and Reboot with 4 Year Old


I started the ticket chart with my then 4 year old son back in May for his disobedience. I have since added other behaviors like name calling, stomping his feet when mad and arguing with me. It was going well but the last month or so has been bad. (He is now 5). His disobedience is out of control. And now he has started yelling at me and being very disrespectful. He loses all of his tickets 4-5 times a week for mostly disobedience. Every time I take a ticket away, he stomps to the time out chair and loses another ticket. I was thinking of going back to square one with the ticket chart and starting all over with just disobedience on the targeted behavior list. I am not ready to abandon the whole system because it has worked with my daughters. What do you suggest?

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