Frustrated Grandparent Is Not Alone


Hello. I raised my now 35-year-old son using John Rosemond’s methods, and he turned out great! Unfortunately for my two grandsons aged almost 6 and almost 8, my son and his wife are not interested in employing the same discipline with them. I am at my wit’s end in many ways, but one of the most pressing problems currently is that the younger boy is still having poop and pee “accidents” frequently, and the parents continue to be at a loss as to how to handle this situation. They have taken him to the doctor, and there is no physical reason, besides the fact that if they insisted he eat a balanced diet, rather than mostly snacks whenever he wishes, at least part of the problem would resolve itself. I believe it’s a “control” issue, primarily, with this rebellious little boy who knows he has his parents wrapped around his little finger at all times. I have reread John Rosemond’s books but just thought perhaps some wisdom from y’all on the subject would give me some suggested actions, should my opinion ever be asked.

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