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My son is 9 yo. Like his dad and me, he tends to be in the chunky side of the physique spectrum. Being an only child....not having permanent full time playmates makes it easy for him to not be as active as he could be.’s makes sitting on the iPad easier...for both of us. And I know that’s my fault but there are some days when it needs to happen.
His dad and I finally split up this year. His dad hasn’t ever really pulled his own weight with the whole parenting responsibility. But we’re older parents, don’t have many friends with younger kids and our moms are older grandmothers (grandfathers have past long ago).

Our son has almost always played soccer or baseball and once he played basketball.
This year he has the every year.... to play again. He has always expressed an interest in football and this year is a good time...they are offering scholarships because they need kids. However he is saying he “just doesn’t want to”. But that only comes after he finds out that practice (only through August) is 5 days a week. Which is important because they need to be taught how to play safely. I am concerned that all he will be doing in lieu of sports is sitting on his iPad or tv. (He can be lazy if I let him be...and I make him help me with some age appropriate chores at home but that only lasts so long) So my question is this: At what point do we as parents say “look kid, you need to be active. You’re going to play...regardless of what you ‘want to do’. ? At what point is it almost abusive to “make” them play?

Could I say you’re going to play something. Pick what you want to play? Problem is that most sports registration for fall 2021 is closed by now

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