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It is so hard to tell who the scammers are and who are legitimate in the "medical" realm. I have a friend who has a son who has all the classic symptoms of actual autism, but his Dr. has not done anything to help her. She has missed so many signs, that mom brought to her attention, but the Dr did not address them. She is so frustrated because she feels that if intervention was done early, he could have been helped. He flaps his hands, makes no eye contact, he constantly spins, when he plays with cars he only focuses on the wheels, so he doesn't actually play with the toy, he just focuses on a specific part of the toy, he doesn't respond to his name, At one year old, he could say 10 words, but now says none, he screams if someone tries to cut his hair. She also has an account with you, but I am writing for her. We live in Ohio, but she will go anywhere to get him help. She is in the process of changing Doctors, but that could take precious time that he cannot afford. Do you have a coach that specializes in Autism or do you know of any places in Ohio that are not scams that could help her. She is in the "Help Me Grow program", and they have been of some hope, but they are not authorized to diagnose and she cannot get any real help until she gets a legitimate diagnosis.

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