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Hello, This question is about my child's disobedience. In my opinion, he is a very independent type A 5 year old. He always wans to be the boss. I have been trying the methods mentioned on the site (including kicking out of the garden of Eden) and your answers to my previous questions but my son's behavior haven't improved in the long term. They work a little in the short term when I try something new but eventually he just accepts the consequences as normal and waits for a punishment to end. It's like he thinks it's a game that he is determined to win at all costs. Consequences have very little affect on him even if it means spending a day in his room. He'll just bounce around the room until it's time to come out. At the same time I am starting to believe he might have hyperactivity or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. A few months ago he started to develop a tick with his shoulders and eyes. So I don't know if that's related to his hyperactivity or not.
In short, I think he wants to do good but his brain is too active. Could his hyperactivity be causing him to resist obedience? What to do in this case? Is it possible to talk to John in person for a consultation?

Thank you.

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