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I gave my son (15) liberty to listen to music via YouTube. He likes rap and for awhile listened to clean versions of songs. But that recently changed. He told me that the song Rap Star by Polo G had topped the charts. On a whim I decided to read the lyrics. I brought this up in discussion and he told me he doesn’t pay attention to the lyrics, he just likes the music. Yet, he protested when I offered to read the lyrics out loud. Long story short, I cannot with good conscience allow him to pump this into his brain on a daily basis. We are pretty liberal in what we watch or listen to, but their are some lines we just will not cross. I banned the use of headphones. I told him that whatever he listened to or watched had to be done in view or earshot of whomever might be in the room. He protested because he is embarrassed to listen to certain things around us, or to watch certain comedians on YouTube. Having said that, I want to add that over the past year his behavior towards his sister and me has improved a great deal. I am wondering if my restrictions are reasonable considering his behavior has been pretty good, and the only reason I knew he had crossed over from the clean versions is because he told me about that song. What do you advise?

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