Developmental Delays and Potty Training


Toilet training follow up - soiling pants still.
Our disabled (developmental delay, hearing loss, sensory processing delay) 4.5 year old daughter has been toilet training for about a month now. After 3 weeks she was relatively accident free (3 or 4 per week, including her first week of kindergarten). She is going to the toilet on a schedule still, about every 90 minutes or 30 minutes after a meal or a big drink.
At home, naked from waist down, she has self-initiated pottying a few times for poos but not wees (she just does what she can now when we say it's time, even if only a little). If she needs to poo when we send her to the potty then she does it then too.
The rest of the time she just poos in her pants, and doesn't seem to mind, nor does she tell me when she needs to be cleaned up. Do you have any suggestions that might help her?

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