Flush it away


My 6 year old has been putting small poops down the bathroom sink drain and bathtub. This has just started as far as we know and usually occurs during his nighttime shower time which he does alone. Both of our boys have to clean up the bathroom after showering by wiping down the shower walls and hanging towels and just general cleanup of water on the floor, etc. We usually check that the bathroom is clean before they go to bed and that is usually when we find the poop. It doesn't happen every night but it is happening more regularly. What is the best way to stop this?

Along the same lines, he's a dawdler in the bathroom in order to avoid his bedtime but to counteract that we make him start his shower time early enough in the evening that we don't have to care too much about when he finishes but we also are starting to suspect too much water running down the drain just being wasted. If we have to come in to tell him to hurry up and turn off water then he goes to bed right afterwards but the early bed is not early enough I guess to make any changes in his behavior. So how do we nip this in the bud also?

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