Two Year Old is a Whole Different Animal!


Good morning. My husband and I have six children, ranging 3 months to 9 years. Our first son Ryan Samuel is 2 years old as of October 4. He is a whole different animal compared to the girls. We are struggling with his terrible two behavior much more than when our girls were two. It seems to have flipped on like a light switch. Ryan Samuel escalates very quickly and to a level I am struggling to bring him back down from. He will hit me, yell go away, scream hysterically, etc. Ot also happens with his big sisters when i am schooling the others in another room. Our situation involves homeschooling three kids Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He also frequently interrupts our lessons, coming in every few minutes with a toy or just to take supplies from the table.

Please help me with guidance to navigate this new phase.

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