No More Naps? Call the Doctor!


I’ve written about our middle son previously. He turned 4 a few weeks ago. He no longer naps but seems really tired during the day. He whines, seems clumsy (which I believe to be related to being tired), says he is tired and is easily frustrated. He has been going to bed at the same time as his 5, almost 6 year old brother. They have shared a room but the older brother complains that the 4 year old keeps him from falling asleep because he is talking, squirming and making all sorts of noise.
We decided to split them up, and also to put the 4 year old to bed after dinner since he seems so tired. The problem with to this is he seems to get wired at night. The behavior that kept his older brother up at night continues even though they are now in their own room. Our 4 year old talks, sings, squirms, and cannot seem to settle down. We have had some nights when he comes down, and we have not followed through with consequences as we should, so I’m sure this is part of the problem. However, even when he stays in bed, it takes him a long time to fall asleep. This is after a regular and consistent bedtime routine.
How can we give help our child sleep so he can be a happier and more pleasant child during the day?

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