Ball is in the Parent's Court


My son, who is 5 years old has a strong will and constantly gets in trouble at TK for bad behavior. Since infancy it was hard to deal with him, because he would refuse to obey. I tried to implement John's strategy, but we can't do it effectively because we both have full time jobs and if we lock him in a room after we come home, it's just not working. He plays with toys in the after school program, so he is not concerned about not having toys at home. Also he is very creative he can play with anything he can find in his room, even pens, pencils, etc. So, it doesn't seem like it's a big deal for him to stay in his room for an hour or so before he goes to bed...We stopped taking him to sports but he doesn't seem to complain about it much, because he is still little and didn't get into it. Also what about weekends? We still go places and do fun stuff, so it seems that he can tolerate some discomfort because overall he gets enough fun. What would you recommend?

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